Style. What exactly does this word mean? We probably all have our own definition of the word, and what one person will tell you about the word ‘style’ may be entirely different from what you’d hear from someone else. To put it simply, style is a mode of living, a mode of dressing, a mode of presenting yourself, a mode of being. That’s my simple definition of the word. Style isn’t limited to a certain genre of lifestyle, music, fashion, etc. There are thousands of different styles out there, and no one is particularly a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ style. Part of living is discovering what style works best for you.  You can’t learn style; you can’t borrow style from a friend. Style is something you have to discover from within yourself. I believe a person cannot be truly happy until they’ve discovered and embraced their own personal style. That’s what this blog is to me, a manifestation of my style. Here I’ll share what I find to be chic, and stylish.


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